In this fast growing world, knowledge of Science and Technology is a must.

You want to learn Science with hands-on practicals and want to make robots,
but have questions like - Where to start? How to start? Should I buy costly kits?, etc.

Nishka and Neil welcome you to CeneVspeed's Technnovation Initiative, a program towards giving young kids an opportunity to learn and innovate!!
It is going to be a short-term program with a couple of sessions during our summer vacations.

Now you will probably have a lot more questions. Please read the following FAQs.

Why is CeneVspeed organizing this camp?

When I (Neil) was in 2nd grade I got an opportunity to attend the Advanced STEM classes in school, where I learnt about electronics, Science concepts and even did hands-on experiments.
Check out my projects showcase by clicking this link:

But I feel that not everybody gets to do it due to lack of opportunities, ideas, materials, tutorials, etc.
Also TCPS has made its mark, with residents undertaking big initiatives and contributing to the society, be it the implementation of a Waste Management System, Water Harvesting System, Sewage Treatment Plant or our very in-house library, famous among the kids.
So I also thought of using my knowledge to help my fellow friends in my Apartments.

Note: This is not a sponsored event. It is purely conducted by me and my family volunteers. All the materials used belong to me.

What do you do there?

  1. Create small fun working projects and understand science concepts.

  2. Understand Arduino circuits and create functional Arduino projects.

  3. Get videos and code, for later use.

Who all are eligible?

Kids 7 and above for Science projects and kids 11 and above for Arduino projects, from TCPS Apartments with basic Science knowledge. The projects will be assigned/taught according to the age group.

What are the perks of joining?

  1. You get to make working projects along with learning the concepts.

  2. You can use the ideas in creating your school projects.

  3. You learn to innovate by yourself to create wonderful projects.

Check out my innovative Arduino Projects by clicking this link: CENEVSPEED - Robots

How do you register?

We will send out a Google Form for registration. There are limited entries so please act fast.

How much does this cost?

Yeahhhh you got it right, it's actually free!!

But once you have created the project, you will have to send a recorded testimonial with the project, for me to post on this website and show it to my teachers.

Where will the camp be organized?

I will try to get permission from the Management to do it in the G-Block-Community Hall.