Introducing iPhone 13

Apple has released 4 new iPhones in 2021 as they do every year! The iPhone 13 Mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

Features like a smaller notch and ceramic shield cover glass on top of the screen are noticeable. To find out more of the latest features click "Read more...".


Best Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows

Everything is getting faster and quicker, so why do you want to be slow while working on a laptop? If you want to learn more than 15 of the BEST-KNOWN keyboard shortcuts, boost productivity, increase typing speed, and save time.... This video will do just that! Watch the video till the end to learn how to create your own custom keyboard shortcut to open any app on your Windows PC!

Link To Video: Enhance Online Classes | Top 15+ Keyboard Shortcuts You MUST USE In 2021!!🔥 || Boost Productivity👑

Windows 11 Is Finally Coming

Microsoft is finally releasing Windows 11 which will be available as an update for Windows 10 users in near October. But before you get excited you have to check whether Windows 11 will be compatible with your device.
To do so, click on the link down below and scroll down to download the latest stable release of the app provided by RCMaehl on Github.


Link To App: Download The Compatibility Test For Windows 11 | Github

Ultimate Performance In Windows 10 - Powerplan

Windows has a feature known as Powerplans. This allows you to balance the power consumption and the performance your Windows provides you with. Normally Windows only provides a Balanced(Recommended) powerplan or sometimes even a High powerplan. But you can also add an Ultimate Performance powerplan for FREE!

To find out how to do so, watch the video below!

Link To Video: How To Get Ultimate Powerplan In Windows 10

3 Unknown Yet Amazing Windows Applications

Windows comes pre-installed with many apps like Microsoft Edge, Cortana, etc. But there are some apps that come pre-installed but are not visible in Settings or even in Control Panel.

To find out more about these hidden apps check the full article!


I have even made a video on this so check it out!

Link To Video: 3 Hidden Yet Amazing Windows Apps

All New Windows Terminal

Developers and coders who use Windows Powershell, Command Prompt and Azure Cloud Shell, and want more features like all-in-one and multi-tab interface etc. should really try out Microsoft's new Windows Terminal.


Link To Download: Get Windows Terminal - Microsoft Store

Windows Customization Hack

You can personalize windows and make it look elegant and like Mac OS with just 3 main changes for FREE, as mentioned in the video!

You will get a live wallpaper for your desktop screen, an application dock, and also desktop widgets!

Link To Video: MacOS Features For Windows💻 + Elegant Desktop Customization🌟 In 2021

Increase Laptop Speed For Free

You can increase RAM for free without having to check compatibility. To do so you will have to increase the virtual RAM present in your PC and also boost startup speed by following just a few small steps as mentioned in the videos.

Link To Video 1: Make Your PC 200% Faster in 2021 💻Fast Method

Link To Video 2: Boost Startup Speed In Windows

Clipboard History On Windows

You can copy multiple items at once and still use them without having to copy them again and again. You will just have to enable one thing and start your more productive work.

Follow the steps mentioned in the short 1-minute video to be able to use clipboard history for FREE!

Link To Video: Genius Shortcut Key To Enable Clipboard History